Apple iPhone SE 32GB Rose Gold

The Apple iPhone SE 32GB In Rose Gold

Fancy a slice of iPhone action on a budget? Now you can get involved without the hefty price-tag, thanks to the top-notch specs of the pocket-friendly Apple iPhone SE 32GB Rose Gold.

Love a good photo opportunity? The camera on iPhone SE matches the one on iPhone 6S, meaning you get a 12MP super-snapper, as well as a HD FaceTime lens to the front.

That main camera also boasts 4K video, as well as Live Photos to capture to truly capture every special memory.

iPhone SE is an absolute trooper when it comes to power, with Apple declaring it the most powerful 4 inch phone their boffins have ever created.

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The key to its power is the A9 chip, the same as the processor in iPhone 6S, which makes this phone super-speedy and ultra-responsive.

Want to keep all your important bits and bobs safe from prying eyes?

iPhone SE offers advanced security to ensure the mischief makers are kept at bay.

The iOS9 operating system runs both fingerprint security and Apple Pay, meaning security has never been safer or more convenient.

apple iphone se 32gb rose gold
Apple iPhone SE 32GB Rose Gold

So Many Awesome Features

With so many awesome features inside, you’ll want a design that looks the business on the outside too.

Luckily, iPhone SE brings the wow factor thanks to a textured aluminium finish and a 4 inch Retina display to perfectly round off this affordable handset.

If you’ve been hankering over an iPhone but weren’t willing to pay over the odds, then the iPhone SE is right up your street.

Taking the size down a notch to 4 inches, it’s a small package with all the mammoth power of the latest generations.

We don’t want to bore you with loads of technical nonsense but it’s important that you know the iPhone SE runs on the same A9 processor and M9 motion co-processor as the iPhone 6s series.

This means face-melting speeds with incredible graphics, all for a cheaper price. Result.

iOS 9.3 isn’t just a bunch of random numbers and letters, it’s the operating system that runs the iPhone SE.

Including nifty new little features such as Night Shift which automatically shifts the colours in your display depending on the time of day.

Not only does the Apple iPhone SE 32GB Rose Gold boast a 12 megapixel iSight camera, it also comes equipped with 4K recording which is the future of photography.

Apples GIF-style Live Photos are also featured, for epic images which come to life.

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