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Mobile Phone Finance Bad Credit

Mobile Phone Finance Bad Credit girl smiling speaking on mobile

Need help to find mobile phone finance bad credit? You are not the only one and like the thousands of individuals we have already helped, we are here to help you too.

Bad credit can be a problem when you are looking to take out a new credit agreement. A new mobile phone contract is also a new credit agreement, although some people do not realise this.

The mobile phone handset is subsidised by the network you connect to when you take out a 12, 18 or 24 month contract.

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This is what make is credit, as that subsidy is used against the full retail cost of the handset to bring the price down to a much more affordable level.

Mobile Phone Finance Bad Credit Customer

Jack from Birmingham was searching for mobile phone finance bad credit after being turned down by the mainstream phone providers. Jack had gone through a very difficult time personally and financially. Jack had been made redundant after the firm he had worked for for the past 30 years had gone in to administration.

Along with this his wife had been injured in a car accident and so had to take time off her own job. Due to his change in circumstances, he found it extremely difficult to keep up to date with his financial commitments.

As a result, he had several late payments on credit cards and found himself behind on the rent, which had a detrimental affect on Jack’s credit score. To get back on the employment ladder Jack was working hard to start his own business and needed a better phone that was capable of keeping up with the demands of the new business.

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Jack knew that due to his financial history his credit profile was not in the best condition to be accepted for a contract phone. This is why Jack found himself in the position of searching for mobile phone with bad credit.

Jack is just one of the many people in the UK that are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up to date with their financial commitments due to a variety of reasons. You may be like Jack and finding it hard to cope.

Mobile Phone Finance Bad Credit Companies

We put Jack in contact with a company who works hard to help customers like him who have less than perfect credit scores find a mobile phone that they can be accepted for.

No matter how low and discouraged you may feel about your situation, there is always some one out there that can help you find phone finance having bad credit deals.

If, like Jack, you are looking for mobile finance but you have bad credit, we can point you in the right direction to companies that can help.

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The process is free and is totally obligation free. Click on the banner to take you to companies that should be able to help you today. You may just find yourself on the way to getting the contract phone you desperately need.

Feel free to browse our website pages and look for the best deals possible. All deals are updated every day, so check back again soon.

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