Best Mobile Phone Monthly Deals UK

best mobile phone monthly deals uk

Best Mobile Phone Monthly Deals UK – Compare the latest UK mobile phone monthly deals and make the most of your phone contract. Filter by network, handset color and price until you find a package that best meets your needs – plus cashback offers may apply on certain contracts!

Monthly contracts involve paying a fixed monthly sum to obtain both your new handset and tariff plan, including calls, texts, and data usage. You may be eligible for great value SIM-only plans from networks like ID Mobile or giffgaff.

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If you already own an existing mobile phone and wish to retain its current handset, a SIM-only deal may be the ideal choice for you. These plans offer minutes, texts and data at lower monthly costs than contract deals – with 30-day rolling contracts or up to 24 month contracts available from some UK mobile networks such as Smarty offering 100GB of 5G data at just £12 per month on one month rolling contracts!

SIM-only phone deals tend to be cheaper and offer greater flexibility compared to pay-monthly phone contracts, often offering 12- or 24-month contracts, or shorter contracts if upgrading regularly is acceptable. However, be mindful that certain networks may charge you extra if your data goes over your limit or if purchasing apps.

Monthly contract

Monthly contract mobile phone deals offer the perfect way to access one of today’s latest smartphones without paying upfront. Contracts generally last 12 to 36 months and include monthly minutes, texts and data allowances; providing more flexibility than paying on an Pay As You Go basis.

Before selecting a mobile phone deal that best meets your needs, take an inventory of how you utilise calls, texts, and data services – this will enable you to find networks offering these services at reasonable rates.

Uswitch’s mobile phone contract comparison tool lets you filter by price, upfront cost, contract length and data allowances to narrow your search and quickly locate a deal that meets all your criteria – saving both time and money while helping ensure you don’t overpay!


Pay monthly contracts offer you access to some of the latest handsets at reduced costs, with monthly payments covering not only phone costs but also minutes, texts and data allowance. It can be cheaper than topping up pay-as-you-go mobiles as missed top ups won’t result in cut off – however they often require 24-month contracts that require credit checks before signing and any missed payments could harm your score negatively.

At Currys, they offer SIM-only contracts from Vodafone, EE, O2, Talkmobile and Giffgaff that provide flexible phones at an affordable cost with unlimited calls and texts plus GBs of data each month. These offers make purchasing new handsets or upgrading current handsets simpler than ever! SIM plans tend to be much less costly than contract deals while also giving users greater network choice should any issues arise with service provision – the ideal combination!


If you are shopping for a new mobile phone, there are various options available to you. Choose between SIM-only or contract deals including handset. Also keep in mind what features you use most often and try not to overpay for data that won’t benefit your bill – use Uswitch’s price comparison feature to locate the best offers!

Monthly contracts differ from SIM-only deals in that they include both the phone and a fixed term (12 or 36 months). They offer unlimited texts and minutes as well as a certain amount of GB data storage capacity, and you may even find plans with high-end smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy or iPhone included in them.

Some networks also offer cashback on mobile contracts, either redeemable or automatic, that helps you reduce monthly costs. But don’t forget that these promotions are limited so be sure to claim them before the deadline arrives!

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