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Refused Phone Contract?

Refused Phone Contract

Pragmatic Way of Dealing with a Refused Phone Contract and Credit Rating

Some people are extremely disappointed when they are refused a phone contract for credit rating.

Not everyone has an excellent credit history. As statistics have proven, almost a majority of UK consumers don’t have the kind of credit score that telecom companies and dealers would ideally want.

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Refused Phone Contract Companies

If these companies were to reject all customers due to poor credit rating, then almost half of the populace would be without mobile phone contracts. But that is not the case. This should tell you that there are solutions when you are refused a phone contract for credit rating.

You must first find out the exact reason why you have been refused a phone contract. It may be the absence of a credit history. Students and young adults often don’t have any credit history. Immigrants may not have a substantial credit history.

Some people may have an otherwise fair credit rating but it may not be enough for the particular contract that one opts for. The phone one chooses, the plan one opts for along with several other personal details determine the eligibility along with credit rating.

You need to deal with the rejection in a pragmatic way instead of drawing generic conclusions and being disappointed.

What to do when refused a phone contract

First, you should find an immediate response to the refusal so you can actually get the contract. Try opting for another phone or another plan that will involve a more lenient credit check.

Think of making a deposit or an upfront payment towards the contract as most providers will allow that to qualify you for the contract. Also, ensure that all other details are accurate and that none of them are the causal factors for you being refused phone contract other than credit rating.

You can refer to the resources available at Mobile Phone Deals 4 Me to get contract phones without credit checks and even if there is a credit check, some companies have a more generous credit rating requirement.

While you can go around the refusal and get a contract phone, you should bear in mind the need to repair your credit history. You must work on it over the course of the contract and by repaying other loans or debts in time so you can improve your credit rating.

Not fixing a bad credit is an unwise way to deal with one’s financial profile. See also Cant Get Mobile Contract Been Refused Before. Refused Phone Contract Credit Rating – have you been refused a mobile phone contract because of your credit rating?

If your credit rating is poor credit, adverse credit or bad credit or you have a low credit score, you will be refused a new phone contract if you approach any of the the main UK mobile phone networks directly.

So, what is the solution to Refused A Mobile Phone Contract Credit Rating? Read on

We have the remedy to Refused Phone Contract Credit Rating and all you have to do is click on the links and banners on this page.

This will take you to a company that guarantees acceptance for a new mobile phone on a new mobile phone contract to all, even if you have been turned down for a new Phone Contract elsewhere.

You will not be restricted in the type of phone you will get. You just need to look through the mobile phones available and choose the mobile phone you really want.

Apply with confidence in the knowledge that you are guaranteed to get the mobile phone you want.

Refused Phone Contract Credit Rating Customer

We sometimes receive messages requesting help like this one:

“After being with the same mobile firm on contract for 10 years (O2) and locating a telephone and deal I want, I put an order online to get a new contract with Orange… I’ve only got an e-mail saying it has been declined and I have no idea why!!

I have had a look at my credit report and can not see anything incorrect, my mortgage is always paid on time as are all my invoices. I’ve one credit card with not much on it that gets paid monthly.

I really need a brand new contract as 02 is not working within my area…never been turned down for credit before so very odd!”

We do not refuse people, so just click on the banners to get started and be sure of getting the new mobile phone you want, even with a bad credit rating or if you have been refused elsewhere.

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