Cheapest and Easiest Phone Company to Get Approved For

Cheapest and Easiest Phone Company to Get Approved For – if you’re looking for a new mobile phone contract, you’ve probably noticed that it’s much easier to get approved for a contract with a reputable provider than you may think.

This is because, like applying for a credit card or loan, you’ll need to pass a credit check before your application can be approved. Your phone provider will then calculate your credit score.

A higher credit score means that you’re a better financial manager, but a low score could mean that you’re a greater risk to the phone provider and, therefore, you may have fewer options for a mobile phone deal. If this is the case, you should find the cheapest and easiest phone company to get approved for.

Phones World

While every mobile network has a credit check process, some are easier to pass than others. These criteria vary slightly, but generally, most phone networks have similar standards.

Your credit rating is highly individual and depends on your circumstances. Phones World has a team of customer service representatives ready to assist you.

Phones World can guide you to the best plan based on your needs and circumstances. It takes just minutes to complete the application.


The benefits of using EE’s phone service are well known by UK residents. For example, its data connection is fast enough for customers to send and receive instant messages while on the go.

It also provides a 20GB data boost to home broadband users. What’s more, EE offers free subscriptions, such as three months of BT Sport or 6 months of Apple Music. Its customer support is also good, with 88% of users indicating that they would recommend EE to a friend.


While all mobile networks require a credit check, some are easier to pass than others. While the criteria for each network are fairly similar, there are slight differences.

Your credit rating is a personal characteristic of your financial situation, so it is important to choose the network that best suits your current financial situation. The following are some factors to consider when choosing a mobile phone network in the UK. Three has the most competitive prices, making their SIM-only plans the best choice for many consumers.


O2 is the easiest phone company in the UK to get approved for, and this is because of their flexible Custom Plans. O2’s Credit Check focuses on your repayment and credit history, so you must pass the check before you can get a pay monthly product.

O2 passes these details to two credit reference agencies, including Equifax and Experian. A credit check is a thorough process, and a bad score on it can cause your application to be rejected.

iD Mobile

iD Mobile is one of the easiest phone companies in the UK. You can get a contract with them as a joint applicant as long as you have trust and a good credit rating.

You can even apply without the phone if you live with your partner has good credit. It is important to discuss the contract before applying to make sure you are eligible. O2 links the applicant data to your partner’s information if you are applying jointly.

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