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A few months ago Kirsty from Swansea was searching for contract phone deals bad credit. Kirsty had been made redundant from her job a year ago and until finding her new job found it hard to keep up to date with all her financial commitments.

Due to this, she had several late payments on her credit cards and found herself behind on her rent.

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As a result this had a detrimental affect on Kirsty’s credit score.

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To get back on the employment ladder Kirsty was working hard to start her own cleaning business and needed a better phone that was capable of keeping up with the demands of the new business.

Kirsty knew that due to her history of late payments her credit profile was not in the best condition to be accepted for a contract phone. This is why Kirsty found herself in the position of searching for contract phone deals with bad credit.

Kirsty needn’t have worried as there are many that are dealing with the same problem, maybe even yourself. We put Kirsty in contact with a company who primarily work to help customers like Kirsty who have less than perfect credit for what ever reason.

Kirsty applied and was accepted for a great contract phone deal and now she is on the way to making her business a success and working on improving her credit profile for the future. If you, like Kirsty, are looking for contract phone deals bad credit, because you have had trouble in the past with credit we can point you in the direction of companies that could help.

The process costs you nothing and is totally obligation free but as a result you could find yourself on the way to getting the contract phone you desperately want.

Jeremy, from Lisburn, went through a divorce 6 months ago and was struggling to cope with the repayments of loans and credit cards on his own and had fallen behind on the repayments. Jeremy was working hard on getting on top of his debt but was also in need of a new contract phone. Jeremy too was searching for new contract phone deals when he knew he had some bad credit.

He knew his current situation of bad credit would affect him getting accepted by the mainstream providers and so came to us for help. Jeremy completed the application form and was accepted for a contract phone deal that suited his current circumstances.

Jeremy was told if he was able to keep up to date with his current plan the provider would be able to offer him an even better contract phone deal in the future. Jeremy is currently working hard on getting back on track with his loan repayments, and is enjoying his new contract phone.

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If like Jeremy and Kirsty you are struggling to get accepted for a mobile phone and are searching for contract phone deals bad credit, like them, apply to the providers on this page, obligation free and you too may get a contract phone deal that best suits your circumstances.

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