No Credit Check Required For These Contract Phones

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Credit Check – if you walk into a mobile phone shop owned by the main networks like O2, EE, TMobile, Orange, Three, Virgin, etc. then you will have to go through a full credit search before you get a new mobile phone contract. If you have bad credit or poor credit or a low credit score, then it is very unlikely that you will get a mobile phone from these sources. Enter stage right – Mobile-Phone-Deals4.Me.UK.

To credit check or not?

In simplicity, if you have bad credit and come to us and apply through us, then you will get a new mobile phone. How do we know? It is because we continually do this for new customers every day.

Going to the main dealers and networks directly will get you a refusal if you have any kind of adverse credit in the last 6 years, so there is no point applying with them at all to be refused.

We deal with niche mobile phone outlets and dealers that know the credit checking system inside out and will know how and where to place your new order for a contract mobile phone of any type.

Why not click on the banner on this page to have a look at the phones and tariffs available to you now and find out how to check your credit score.

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Which kind of things adversely influence my credit rating?

If you already have a loan or overdraft or both, then no doubt you know how frustrating it might be, should you happen to be refused for things just like a mobile phone when you are put through a credit check.

The only feedback you receive is that you just happen to be declined and get no special information on just why you were turned down.

Each mobile phone provider has their own specific criteria in regards to credit scoring, but there are a number of common factors which are known to change your credit rating.

If you know what these factors are you improve the chance of getting accepted

These adverse items can stay on your own credit file for 6 years, however they do decrease over time. If you start making regular payments on different goods like insurance or credit cards, then you are rebuilding your score at the same time.

Insufficient continuity – should you not have been at your current address for a long time or have a history of being in and out of employment or keep changing occupations, this can all count as going against you.

Thankfully the companies we advertise on this website accept people without a credit check for getting a new Contract Mobile No Credit Checks Required Online with the latest phones.

Why not give it a try and see what is on offer today. The deals are updated daily, so even if you have been on this website before, you can see what is available today.

If this is your first time here and you do not see anything that takes your fancy, come back again tomorrow to see the updated offers here!

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