Google Pixel 2 64GB Clearly White

The Google Pixel 2 64GB In Clearly White

Check out the stylish Google Pixel 2, with its swanky two-tone effect adding that extra premium feel.

Made from high-quality metal for a sturdy feel, the Pixel 2 is also dust and water resistant so you’ll never have to worry about spills, splashes, or getting caught in the rain.

If you’re a movie-lover or gaming-addict, you’ll enjoy the 5 inch display alongside high-def stereo speakers for full immersion.

This smart screen also features an ‘always on’ feature, so you’ll be able to glance at the clock and keep up with notifications, even when the display is sleeping.

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Google Pixel 2 rocks a 12.2MP camera with HDR+, meaning it can capture eye-popping shots, even in low-light situations.

If you fancy snapping some stunning portraits, you can enjoy professional-looking results with the option to blur the background behind your subject.

The Pixel 2’s camera is smarter than the average snapper, as it’s backed up by Google Lens which displays info on real life objects viewed through the camera.

From books to buildings, just ask Google Lens when you need some extra info about what’s in front of you.

Google Pixel 2 64GB Clearly White
Google Pixel 2 64GB Clearly White

A Better Battery

Powering the Google Pixel 2 is a heavy duty battery with fast charging capabilities.

If you’re in a hurry, just plug in a fast charger and juice up seven hours of battery life from just 15 minutes charge – perfect for powering up when you’re short on time.

Maintaining energy efficiency behind the scenes is the super-fast Snapdragon 835 processor, which is spot-on for keeping your games and browsing running smoothly.

The new Android Oreo OS is also on hand, offering improved security and a collection of brand new emojis.

Want to make sure your personal details are kept safe and secure?

Don’t worry, Google Pixel 2 has got your back, thanks to a high-tech fingerprint scanner.

Located on the rear of the device, it’s in easy reach for unlocking your phone with zero fuss.

Don’t forget to stay organised with your very own virtual PA in the form of Google Assistant.

Just give your phone a squeeze to launch, and let Google Assistant take care of voice-activated text message requests, setting reminders or navigating the best route home.

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