Guaranteed Contract Phone With No Credit Check

A guaranteed contract phone with no credit check isn’t always possible with all phone companies. If you have bad credit, your free phone will probably be a mid-range model with limited free texts and minutes.

These contracts are subject to strict credit checks and suppliers will take a risk on a bad-credit applicant. If you’re worried about your credit history, you should check out a few options. These plans may help you get the cell phone of your dreams.

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Prepaid carriers don’t require a credit check

Many of the major mobile carriers have prepaid-only plans available for customers. These prepaid plans work on the same networks and provide the same quality phones as a guaranteed contract phone plan. The biggest difference between prepaid and a guaranteed contract plan is that prepaid plans require no credit check.

Getting a prepaid plan with no credit check is an excellent way to avoid expensive contracts. Many prepaid carriers do not require a credit check, and there are no credit requirements for customers to switch carriers. And because they don’t require a credit check, consumers have more flexibility with their plans. This means they can switch carriers anytime and don’t have to worry about missing a payment.

Next Up program

The Next Up program lets you trade in your old device for a new one for as little as £5 a month. Once you’ve paid 50% of the purchase price, you can trade in your old device and get a 50% refund on your new one. This program is only valid on devices that include an upgrade option. You can also upgrade your device early by canceling your current plan and signing up for the Next Up program.

With the Next Up program, you can purchase a new smartphone and avoid the risk of paying a large upfront price for a new device. The monthly payments will be equal to 50% of the phone’s price.

Unlike with a regular contract, the Next Up program won’t affect your credit rating. Instead, you can upgrade to a new smartphone and keep paying 50% of the purchase price. The Next Up program is ideal for those who want to get a new smartphone and don’t have much money to spend on one.

SIM Only plan

The SIM Only guaranteed contract plans are great for people without credit, since they are not tied to an annual contract. However, prepaid plans come with their own limitations.

The most basic plan, for example, only gives you 5 GB of data for £30 a month. You also have to pay £300 upfront for a year’s worth of service. You can use the mobile hotspot up to the amount of data that you’ve reserved on your plan, but this doesn’t mean you can’t use it.

The SIM Only guaranteed contract phone no credit check plans typically feature unlimited data and unlimited calls, but you can find plans with much lower data allowances for a lower monthly fee. If your credit score is below 600, they will require a deposit.

There are several cell phone plans that are available, so you should compare the different plans before choosing a plan. You can also compare the monthly service price between different carriers.

Prepaid with No Credit Check plan

If you’re looking for a cell phone plan that’s affordable but still offers all the perks of a contract plan, the Prepaid with No Credit Look guarantee is a great option. It offers unlimited talk and text for around £50 per month and includes the latest smartphones, including iPhones and Samsung Galaxy devices. Because it’s a prepaid plan, you’ll still be able to bring your own phone.

If you want a plan without a credit check, you’ll need to choose an excellent (700+) or a fair (550-plus) credit score. The company will check your credit history using Equifax and may pull your credit score from other agencies in the future. But no credit check means you can’t get a cell phone if you don’t have good credit.

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