Get a new guaranteed mobile phone contract with the handset you really want.

Guaranteed mobile phone contracts offer an ideal solution to those with bad credit, providing them with the chance to purchase a device on pay monthly contracts without worrying about getting rejected for credit checks. You can apply for these deals and be approved within an hour if you meet all the necessary criteria.

A guaranteed mobile phone contract offers the advantage of openness to anyone who applies. This is because there’s no credit check involved, meaning there is no risk for retailers or networks who might normally reject people with bad credit.

Another advantage of a guaranteed phone deal is that contracts are typically longer, usually 24 months. This requires you to stay on top of payments and not miss any until the end of your contract.

If you miss a payment or go over your text and minute allowance, penalty charges may apply which could be costly. Furthermore, this could damage your credit rating as well.

Some people become so eager to get a new smartphone that they apply for multiple pay monthly phone deals in rapid succession and end up damaging their credit score. To prevent this from happening, opt for an extended contract and make a substantial upfront payment to the retailer or network.

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