How to Get the Best Mobile Phone Deals

how to get the best mobile phone deals uk

How to Get the Best Mobile Phone Deals – there are various methods available to you when it comes to finding a mobile phone deal. Discounted handsets may be found at retailers like Amazon or Currys; however, be sure to compare prices before choosing the model of phone you desire.

Contract plans, PAYG connections or SIM-only deals can also be found from networks like EE with its free data rollover feature, simple bill capping system and affordable roaming rates, Three’s big data plans with 99% UK outdoor coverage coverage and Vodafone with its VeryMe rewards and entertainment bundles.

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Many mobile phone companies provide customers with a trade-in service to enable them to trade-in old devices as part of a trade-in service, which can help pay for new devices or contribute towards upfront contract costs.

You could use the value of your old phone to offset bills or buy accessories; for example Music Magpie or CeX offer good rates; online retailers like EE, Giffgaff, Carphone Warehouse are all also willing to purchase it; you could also sell it via compare and Recycle or Sell My Mobile for top dollar prices!

Your best chance at finding great mobile phone deals uk is searching online for the latest handset and SIM-only plans available, then comparing upfront costs between contracts to see which works out as most cost effective – usually, higher upfront costs translate into lower monthly line rental payments; but always do your maths!

The best mobile phone deals UK may become available during major sales events like Christmas and Boxing Day sales, Easter sales or September back-to-school period. Individual manufacturers also often release new models at this time so it’s wise to regularly keep an eye out for these deals. To stay abreast of them all it is wise to regularly check phone deals regularly.

Selling your old phone

Selling your old phone can be an excellent way to raise funds to buy a new device. People often accumulate an impressive collection of older handsets that remain functional; you can find reliable phone trade-in companies online who may offer cash for these devices; alternatively, use online marketplaces to get the highest price – some are reputable while others operate solely as peer-to-peer sellers.

Most UK mobile users have signed a contract with one or more network providers. A monthly subscription, known as a contract, typically covers both handset costs and airtime/data/text costs for 20 months – though this might sound appealing it’s important to compare both upfront prices and 20-month costs to ensure you are receiving value for money.

At major sales events like Christmas and New Year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, phone carriers often increase their standard discounts to make them even more enticing. You might also find deals just before new ranges launch – as prices begin to decrease steadily with each generation’s launch price starting to decrease as their predecessors drop further in price. Plus it’s often possible to find offers at fraction of retail cost through websites like Hotukdeals!


Mobile phone contracts are agreements between networks and you in which payments for handsets and data allowances are made on a monthly basis. They may include an upfront cost that helps lower monthly charges; however, this could end up costing more in the long run than purchasing your device outright.

Apple and Samsung dominate the smartphone market, but there are other brands to keep an eye out for that offer competitive deals – these include OnePlus, Oppo and Xiaomi. Each offers high-quality handsets at competitive prices that come packed with amazing features – ideal as secondhand purchases.

iD Mobile offers many great smartphone deals without upfront costs, such as the iPhone 14 and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra on pay-monthly contracts with unlimited minutes and texts, plus a free iD gift. There are also SIM only phones from networks such as Vodafone, Three and O2. All offer features like free data rollover, simple bill capping and cost-effective roaming plans.


SIM only deals provide you with a SIM card offering minutes, texts and data at set monthly, annual or two year increments for use with any existing phone you own. When activated you can begin browsing, chatting and downloading through any network – from major carriers such as Vodafone to smaller networks like GiffGaff or O2 Smarty. Plus since no new handset needs to be purchased along with this subscription plan your monthly cost can often be lower!

Some plans offer unlimited UK minutes and texts, making it easy to call friends and family without fear of running out of minutes. Others feature unlimited international calls – perfect if you travel frequently abroad or regularly call relatives located elsewhere within Europe.

If you’re content with your current phone but looking to maximize data, minutes and texts with an improved deal, SIM only plans may be an ideal way of improving them. And don’t be put off by older handsets from manufacturers such as Apple or Samsung; Huawei even offer fantastic options! Just make sure your chosen handset is not locked to one network as some may be.

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