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Those who are interested in Phones 4U mobile phones may now wonder what their options are.

As Phones 4U has gone into administration, your best bet now lies with getting the mobile phone you need through an alternative source.

Thankfully, those who are interested in Phones 4U mobile phones have options here.

Phones 4U Mobile Phones Options

Simply put, if you are an O2, Vodafone, EE, Orange, or T-Mobile customer and you purchased or upgraded your phone through Phones 4U, nothing needs to change. Your current agreement will be carried over, which will also suit any needs you may have related to questions or comments on your current agreement or current device.

Those who are looking into the possibility of Phones 4U phones can rest assured that they have come to the right place. The same concept of making mobile devices of all shapes and sizes affordable to a wide variety of consumers remains intact. When it comes to finding the mobile device you need, it’s important to have options.

You should be able to shop amongst pay-as-you go SIM options, pay monthly SIM options, or even SIM-free mobile options. You should also be able to compare and contrast the various networks that are available to you, in order to find something that you are ultimately going to be pleased with.

When you have all of these options and possibilities in place, it’s easy to find something that will suit your budget and your plans.

Get Phones 4U Similar Deals

Wherever you bought your current contract, when the time comes to upgrade, you should not have to search high and low for useful options. The right company can work with you to help you upgrade your old Phones 4U mobile contract to something that is more appealing to you.

Whether you simply want to get the latest device, or if you are ready to take on a more meaningful pay-monthly contract, you can find everything you want in a singular location. With upgrading from something like Phones 4U mobile phone, it still makes sense to have as many options as humanly possible.

You want to find a network that is going to be right for you across the board. Phones 4U mobiles may have gone into administration with stores closing across the UK, but you still have plenty of options available here.

Phones 4U Mobile Deals available on this website. Just click on the links to be taken to the merchant’s website where you will be able to see all the deals available. Check out the prices of the deals as well, as you will see, the prices will be hard to beat, if at all!

Have some bad credit history and been refused a new mobile phone contract?

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Phones 4U Mobile Deals Options

Phones 4U Mobile Deals will not actually come from Phones 4U, as they are now out of business, but we can show you the best mobile phone deals on the internet today.

Latest mobile phones, great deals, free gifts with some phones and free carriage on all products…..what are you waiting for?! Mobile phone retailer Phones 4U and online retailer Dialaphone have gone into administration as you might have heard already.

However don’t panic – we are on hand to advise you on what to do, if you’ve purchased a mobile from Phones 4 U or Dialaphone recently.

I purchased a phone contract from Phones 4U/ Dialaphone

Phones 4U has officially said that all mobile phone contracts which have previously been processed through Phones 4 U or Dialaphone will undoubtedly be delivered as regular.

I Pre-ordered a phone from Phones 4U/ Dialaphone

In case you have pre-purchased a phone contract Dialaphone or Phones 4 U, including iPhone 6 Plus and the newest iPhone 6, the order will probably be cancelled and also a complete refund will probably be offered.

Contact Phones 4U/ Dialaphone

The Phones 4U and Dialaphone customer service teams are taking calls to counsel customers in case you are still unsure of what to do next.

Waiting on a Phones 4U Order?

The Administrators have verified that if you pre- ordered, then your order will have been cancelled. You need to contact your own credit card company to seek a refund, if you made a payment to your phone by means of a credit card.

If you’re unable to get yourself a refund through your credit card business, you may decide to register a claim against Mobile Phones 4u – please see for further details.

Please remember that it’s difficult to estimate right now whether it is a refund of everything and when you will receive a refund that you paid.

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