Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Black

The Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 In Black

The updated Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 black arrives on the scene with a swanky design that’s sure to turn heads.

This may be a mid-range device, but it still sports a stylish metal and glass body that really looks the business.

It can even survive a dunk in the bath, as this durable device is rated as officially water resistant.

Elsewhere on this super-smart handset, you’ll discover a fingerprint scanner to keep your lovely content safe from prying eyes and would-be trouble makers.

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There’s also a micro SD slot, which lets you hulk out the phones storage by a whopping extra 256GB.

Whether you’re kicking back with the latest movie, or exercising your thumbs on a blockbuster game, you can enjoy super-sharp images on the A5’s HD screen.

Measuring in at 5.2 inches, this awesome display is a treat for the eyeballs.

What’s more, even when the phone is asleep, it can still keep you in the loop.

This is down to the always-on display, which shows you the time, date and notifications, even when the screen is powered down.

Now you’ll never be in the dark again.

samsung galaxy a5 2017 black
Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Black

An Awesome Camera

Looking for an awesome 16 megapixel camera?

Look no further, as the A5 (2017) has got two.

That’s right – both the front and back of the device is furnished with a jaw-dropping super-snapper, ready to make short work of scenery and selfies alike.

There’s a host of extra camera features to discover, such as automatic auto-focus on the rear camera, to ensure your pics are always steady and sharp.

The front-facing camera is equipped with a floating shutter button, perfect for stunning selfies at any angle.

Don’t be fooled by its affordable price-tag, as the Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 black still manages to cram in the heavy-duty specs where it counts.

Under the hood, there’s a super-fast octa-core processor, ready to take on all your gaming and multi-tasking needs.

Also on board is a long-lasting battery to ensure you won’t run out of juice halfway through the day.

However, if you do find yourself in a low-battery emergency half-way through a box set binge, the fast-charging feature will soon sort you out.

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