Samsung Galaxy S8 Grey

The Samsung Galaxy S8 In Grey

Your eyeballs are in for a treat with the Samsung Galaxy S8 Grey, which rocks the kind of epic display you’ve never seen before.

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Measuring in at 5.8 inches, Samsung’s whopping new Infinity Display is the perfect way to enjoy movies in all their stunning HD glory.

Give your Instagram followers something to talk about, with pin-sharp snaps from the S8’s Dual Pixel 12MP camera.

If selfies are more your thing, then check out the facial recognition feature on the 8MP front-facer, which offers equally perfect pics.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. You’ll be safe from splashed thanks to an IP68 water resistance rating, as well as keeping your phone safe with a futuristic iris scanner.

You can also hook yourself up to a Gear VR headset, and set foot into brave new worlds.

Get ready for some epic entertainment on the Samsung Galaxy S8’s mammoth Infinity Display.

This super-sized screen stretches right from edge-to-edge of this swanky smartphone, offering eye-popping HD playback on a screen that has to be seen to be believed.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Grey
Samsung Galaxy S8 Grey

Even More Features

The rest of the handset doesn’t look half bad either.

With a premium metal body, complete with symmetrical edges and smooth rounded corners, the Galaxy S8 sports a stylish design that treads new ground, at the same time as being recognisably Samsung.

You can’t be too careful these days, especially when it comes to mobile security.

Luckily, the Galaxy S8 has you covered with a cutting-edge iris scanner.

To keep your content safe, just hold your phone up to eye-level, and access your device with a brief glance.

It’s quick, easy, and effective.

You can also keep an eye on your daily schedule, with a little help from Samsung’s brainy personal assistant, Bixby Vision.

Always ready to lend a hand, you’ll have instant access to the information and reminders you need, at any time of day.

The Galaxy S8 is no slouch when it comes to cramming in incredible tech.

Take for example the two superb cameras, 12MP to the rear and 8MP on the front, complete with such snap-happy features as enhanced image processing and smart facial recognition. Fancy!

Also on board is enhanced audio, a super-fast processor, and a water resistant build to protect your S8 from the next surprise rain shower.

You can even hook the S8 up to a Gear VR headset, for mind-blowing virtual reality adventures from a range of online content.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 – Following on from the success of the Galaxy S7 Edge Samsung has launched the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

The new design is slick and improved.

The screen has been made longer, the home button has been made discreet and the finger sensor has been moved to the back of the handset for ease of use.

Samsung has continued its unique design to ensure their product and design stands out.

The key improvement is the new virtual assistant Bixby that can not only hear what you say but it can also see.

This new technology is in line to be put into Samsung’s other products, like their televisions.

Due to the problems in recent months with the Galaxy Note 7 where batteries were overheating and catching fire Samsung are hoping that the new S8 will bring positivity and success for the company after such a tough time.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Features

Samsung has said that they have identified the issue and it was nothing to do with the phone itself.

The problem was identified as two separate battery flaws.

The new Galaxy S8 brings hope for the company after such a critical and unsettling time for the business.

The advantages of the new S8 is that it has an increased screen size, while still making it slimmer than its previous S7 model.

The new design has also made the home button invisible to improve the sleekness of the phone.

The fingerprint sensor has also been placed on the back for convenience of the user.

However, the downside to the new positioning of the sensor is that it is close to that of the camera and may cause it to get smudgy over time if the user accidentally touch’s the camera rather than the sensor.

The new Bixby software is set to possibly be ground breaking in terms of a new virtual assistant.

This technology is said to be optimum in controlling the device and in helping find more information, more so than Google Assistant.

The feedback from top market leaders and social companies is positive.

Most believe the new Bixby technology is its stand out feature and has the potential to make Samsung a leader in software technology.

The price of the new Samsung Galaxy S8 is set to be £689, which is on power with other leading smartphones on the market.

Users have also voiced that the S8 brings better battery life and the waterproof technology is a must.

Some even say that compared to Apple the new S8 is leading the race and have already made the switch.

To get your hands on the new Galaxy S8 it is due to be released 21st April.

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