Top 10 Mobile Phones

what are the top 10 mobile phones in the uk

Top 10 Mobile Phones – No matter your phone needs – from Sim-free and pay monthly models, to refurbished devices, there is an incredible variety available in the UK market. Here are our picks of the top mobile phones.

These devices have been put through extensive testing by ZDNET’s expert panel of subject matter experts, who prioritize features with optimised functionality and user-friendly software.

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1. Google Pixel 7

The Pixel 7 is an excellent AI-powered phone for people seeking an engaging smartphone experience. Its cameras compare favourably with Apple and Samsung models and its software is user-friendly – unlocking quickly while its screen remains responsive throughout.

However, Google Pixel is far from perfect; its under-display fingerprint sensor can be temperamental and often slow to respond; battery life remains disappointing; yet Google’s ‘feature drops’ ensure it will only become better with time.

2. Samsung Galaxy S23

Samsung Galaxy S23 is an impressive Android phone featuring stunning design, powerful cameras, and the innovative S Pen stylus – it even boasts Qualcomm silicon for enhanced performance!

One major disadvantage of the Pixel 6 Pro is that its main rival, Google Pixel 7 Pro, provides comparable features at a more reasonable cost and has superior software experiences, plus may have better cameras in certain situations.

3. iPhone 13 Pro

Launched in 2021, the iPhone 13 Pro is an extremely capable phone that can easily keep pace with Android phones while providing excellent results from its main and telephoto cameras.

Apple has also made improvements to the front notch by making it smaller, adding 120Hz ProMotion display technology, and improving battery life significantly.

4. Nokia C21 Plus

This Nokia phone features a 13MP rear and 5MP front camera to deliver exceptional video recordings and captivating photos.

It utilises a Spreadtrum Unisoc processor with 8 cores. This allows it to support many apps and games simultaneously; however, some lag may occur from time to time.

Google designed Android 11 Go Edition specifically for smartphones in this price range, offering an ad-free design and two years of quarterly security updates.

5. OnePlus 6

Though OnePlus’ flagship models, such as the 6T and 7, have since been outshone by newer options, OnePlus remains adept at satisfying buyers by delivering all of their desires in an elegant package.

Only real downsides are its non-waterproof design and limited compatibility with US carriers; otherwise it offers incredible performance, an outstanding camera system, and premium looks.

6. Google Pixel 6a

As its predecessor, the Pixel 6a stands out for its outstanding camera capabilities and offers AI-powered features like Top Shot and Real Tone.

Impressively, Google phones offer similar experiences at more reasonable price points – though competitors such as iPhone SE 2022 and Samsung Galaxy A53 continue to challenge its dominance.

7. iPhone 14 Pro

Apple’s latest flagship smartphone boasts impressive upgrades, such as improved cameras and an always-on display, improved cameras and an exceptional battery life, making it the ideal device for power users.

Though expensive and harder to come by than other top iPhone models, it is certainly worth its cost for its stunning camera capabilities and Action mode. Action mode captures smooth handheld footage without the need for stabilisation in non-linear editing applications.

8. Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung hasn’t made any significant advancements to their Galaxy S22 phone, yet it remains an excellent value option. Boasting an attractive display and plenty of power to meet even the most rigorous usage, along with impressive cameras.

The only real deficiencies with this flagship phone are things such as faster charging speed and the ability to add microSD cards – however these omissions don’t constitute deal breakers.

9. Xiaomi 13 Pro

Xiaomi may not be the world’s largest Android smartphone maker, but they still produce flagship phones capable of competing with devices like Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro. The Xiaomi 13 Pro proves this point by featuring an elegant ceramic back with minimal camera bump and Leica branding on it.

Geekbench tests also reveal strong performance from this phone and it boasts 12GB of default RAM – more than most competing phones provide by default.

10. Samsung Galaxy S23

Not unlike Apple’s 14 Pro phones, the Galaxy S23 series provides fast wired charging, high-refresh rate screens and S Pen integration – not to mention its own unique set of benefits such as fast wireless charging and five years of software updates for its flagship model – at competitive pricing. The Galaxy S23 Ultra can even go head-to-head with Apple with its powerful 5,000mAh battery capacity and flexible camera system – giving it a competitive edge against Apple.

Samsung’s latest flagship outstrips its rivals by boasting an eye-catching design, subtly curved display and dedicated S Pen stylus for increased productivity.

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