Turned Down For Mobile Phone Contract?

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If you have been turned down for mobile phone contract, then you should know that you are not alone. In fact, you belong to the massive and ever increasing majority. Those who get approved for mobile contracts by major telecoms or carriers are actually the minority.

Over the years, telecoms and carriers have become particular about their credit policies and approval procedures. The criteria have evolved and changed, not to the advantage of consumers or subscribers but for the companies.

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During the same time that this change has taken shape, credit scores have dwindled down. Financial problems, the recession and overall slowdown of the economy have hit most Britons and immigrants. An excellent credit score is as elusive as financial freedom.

Turned Down For Mobile Phone Contract Companies

When you get turned down for mobile phone contract, you must not lose hope because there are many companies, dealers and suppliers which are willing to offer you a phone contract, perhaps the exact handset that you have been denied and an identical plan that you did not qualify for.

It may be from another network and certain terms may vary but you would get the services and all the benefits that you would have got otherwise. The first thing you must consider when you are turned down for a mobile phone contract is the exact reason for rejection.

Many people commit the mistake of presuming that you would get turned down because of your credit history. It is not always the credit score. At times, it is a combination of many factors including the credit score. At times, it could be just clerical errors or document issues.

In many cases, the telecoms don’t perceive a financial profile to be desirable for a particular contract. You cannot do much about these as the companies have the prerogative to work in accordance with their stated policies and thus you need to look for alternatives.

What to do

The reason why you should know exactly why you have been turned down for mobile phone contract is to make wise choices. You shouldn’t just randomly opt for an alternative. Know the reason and accordingly take the measures which will enable you to get a contract that you want.

Opting for any random alternative might not get you the best deal. Being aware of the reason will also allow you to remedy the problem.

Bad Credit Mobile Phone Contracts

You can repair your credit score, you can work on your upfront payments or deposits and you can make an array of changes in your profile over time so you don’t get turned down for mobile phone contract in the future.

You can of course click on the banner on this page to be taken to approved mobile phone suppliers that can get you approved for a new mobile phone contract, no matter what your past credit history is like.

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