What Can You Do When You Are Refused a Phone Contract

What Can You Do When You Are Refused a Phone Contract

What can you do when you are refused a phone contract? Every network or dealer has preset qualifying criteria for potential customers.

You may not know the extent to which a company assesses your application because it is not talked about in the public domain.

A company takes everything into consideration, from where you stay to how much you may earn, your credit history to your association or lack thereof with the company, banking information to the proofs of identification you have furnished.

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Well, What Can You Do When You Are Refused a Phone Contract?

Should you fail in any of these stringent checks, you will be refused a phone contract. In most cases, it isn’t the banking details or the proofs that make a difference.

You’ve greater chances of being refused a phone contract if you’ve a desirable credit score, if your not qualifying according to the resident status or for some other unspecified reason that is at the discretion of the service provider or dealer.

Should you be refused a phone contract, take these steps to better your chances.

  • If you have been turned down due to bad credit, then either the company will be silent or would be asked to make a deposit. An upfront payment towards the contract will make it possible for you to get approved. If you have the money and don’t mind making a small payment to get a good phone and plan, then go ahead and make the deposit. Most upfront payments don’t burn a hole in the wallet but some do. So choose and decide carefully.
  • Always try and get an add-on connection. If you know someone who has a contract phone and are really close to that person, then you can always get an add-on connection on contract. Most telecom companies and dealers will love to expand the relationship with an existing and trusted customer.
  • Being refused a mobile contract is not the end of the world. Even if it is due to bad credit or something that cannot be remedied right now, still have the option to buy a phone or to pay for the phone and to get the contract. Opt for a SIM only connection. Get pay monthly phones or pay for the phone to the provider or dealer.

Regardless of what steps you take, do work on improving your credit score. Make timely payments and pay in full so the next time you apply for one, wouldn’t be refused a mobile contract.

When you are asking the question, What Can You Do When You Are Refused a Phone Contract, we hope this article has helped.

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