Which UK Phone Company Does Not Credit Check?

The answer to the question: Which UK phone company does not credit check depends on your circumstances. It depends on which aspects of your credit report you’re most concerned about.

Some mobile phone networks will use different credit reference agencies, which could be good or bad depending on your needs. However, if you have a better credit score, you can try to apply to one of the network’s brands that do not run credit checks. Read more about getting a guaranteed contract phone.


The SMARTY UK phone company does not credit-check its customers. It has six different data plans that include unlimited calls and texts.

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Customers can choose from unlimited calls and texts or a monthly data plan with a specified fair usage limit. These plans do not require a credit check, and are also flexible – customers can cancel their service at any time.

Moreover, SMARTY offers data tethering, which allows customers to use their mobile data connection for internet-related activities.

Asda Mobile

Asda Mobile does not require a credit check for new customers and their plans are designed to fit a variety of budgets. They offer a variety of mobile SIM packages and SIM only plans, and a free SIM card is included with all of their monthly plans.

Their monthly plans offer 3GB of data, 600 minutes and unlimited texts. Asda uses the EE network to provide excellent mobile phone coverage.


If you’re looking for a SIM only phone plan that doesn’t require a credit check, then you should consider Lebara.

This UK mobile phone company has seven SIM only plans ranging from 3GB to unlimited, and each plan comes with unlimited minutes and texts in the UK. The best thing about Lebara’s SIM only plans is that they are very affordable, and they also come with unlimited international minutes to 42 destinations.


BT does not perform a credit check on new customers, but if you have a history of late or missed payments, you should know that you could have your services suspended or your account frozen.

BT may also ask for a deposit in order to cover future large call charges. This fee can be waived with BT Home Essentials. You can check if you are eligible to apply online. For the £10 call only plan, you can use the online form to apply.

Virgin Media

Virgin Mobile offers a wide variety of pay monthly plans, the highest of which is unlimited data. Most plans run for 24 or 36 months, but you can change them every month if you wish.

If you want unlimited data but are worried about your credit score, Virgin Mobile offers a SIM Only plan that’s a lot cheaper than a Pay Monthly plan. You can also change your plan once you’ve started it if you want to lower your monthly costs.


If you’re looking for a UK phone company that does not require a credit check, TalkTalk is the place to go.

Their plans offer a range of options including pay monthly plans with a 12 or 18-month lock-in period and a certain number of texts, minutes, and data. If you’re looking for a SIM-only plan, TalkTalk offers these as well.

The monthly charges are less than other UK phone companies, and the SIM-only plans are run on a twelve-month basis.

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