Argos Mobile Phones

argos mobile phones

Argos mobile phones offer easy-to-use Android and iPhone systems at competitive prices and their Reserve In Store service means you can go straight into one of their stores to pick up a brand new gadget on the same day you made your reservation online.

Their mobile web store locator is easy and effective, providing key store details in an intuitive manner alongside a map. Their app also offers more advanced geo look up functionality.

Argos Mobile Phones – Samsung

Samsung mobile phones are well-known for their superior cameras and advanced software, as well as offering an ecosystem that makes them easier to use; their Dex feature, for instance, allows users to easily transfer files between devices – an important edge over competing brands such as Apple which lack this capacity.

Samsung stands out as being fairly reliable when it comes to after-sales support, providing round-the-clock customer service representatives who can assist customers with any problems that arise; there’s even an emergency hotline dedicated to Samsung products!

The company offers an expansive selection of products, from tablets and laptops to smartphones. One of their most acclaimed smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S20 is one of the most sought-after phones on the market, thanks to its powerful processors and camera that rivals those used by professional photographers. Furthermore, this smartphone comes equipped with a 2800mAh battery, upgraded 6.1 HDR screen display, fingerprint sensor technology and comes with several colours available online as well as in-store collection options allowing customers to order it and pick it up when ready.


Apple’s iPhone range of mobile phones stands out as one of the finest options on the market. Boasting powerful processors capable of supporting even your most resource-hungry apps and HD cameras that rival professional photographers’ images, as well as numerous accessories to customize your experience further.

The Bush Spira E3X Argos mobile phone is an affordable yet capable smartphone with an attractive, large display and running a fairly vanilla version of Android that’s both user-friendly and feature rich. Furthermore, it boasts excellent cameras as well as lasting battery life for added peace of mind.

Argos is one of the UK’s best-known retailers, and boasts an exceptional online shop that features free click and collect options, making it possible to purchase devices and collect them immediately in store on the same day. You can easily locate local branches by visiting Argos’s website; its history dates back to 1972 and like-for-like sales growth has increased over time.


Huawei is one of the leading global smartphone manufacturers, providing mobile phones to suit all budgets. Their flagship devices boast powerful cameras, long battery life and large displays – plus wearable technology and telecom infrastructure! Huawei also manufactures wearable devices and tablets in addition to building telecom infrastructure.

Huawei used to compete directly with Apple, and at its peak in 2021 it overtook them as the world’s number one smartphone maker. Unfortunately, however, US sanctions banned Huawei from accessing crucial technologies like 5G and Google software and it has since been unable to gain ground.

Huawei is now focused on its own operating system, HarmonyOS, which was introduced earlier this year and intended to work across different consumer electronics categories such as smartwatches and TVs. Unfortunately, Huawei smartphones lack key Google apps which could limit their appeal outside China; therefore the P30 Pro may provide the solution; scheduled to arrive in UK stores late August through Argos’ Buy and Collect service.


LG mobile phones are an affordable option that won’t break the bank. Their flagship Android models can run all of the latest apps seamlessly, while their HD cameras deliver amazing images. In addition, the company also offers budget-friendly models like the LG X Charge and Power.

LG phones are known for being highly secure due to the inclusion of voice and facial recognition technology into their handsets, making them more secure than other phones available on the market. These features can prevent others from accessing or using your device or accessing personal information stored there.

LG phones boast lightning-fast Category 15 network speeds for seamless downloading and browsing the web, while Argos, an iconic British retailer dating back to 1972 with over 845 stores nationwide, allows customers to order online and pick up items the same day from one or more of these speeds.


Sony designed this high-end handset to replace part of your everyday gear loadout – be that still or video cameras, portable games consoles, etc – featuring premium design and high-end specs, including support for up to one terabyte extra storage through its microSD slot in the SIM tray.

Its main drawcard is its 52-megapixel sensor, which features wider pixels than most phones so photos and videos have greater in-focus depth and dynamic range. Plus it boasts up to 3x optical zoom capability as well as various camera processing enhancements.

However, this phone is intended for more experienced users and might not suit everyone. Notably lacking support for essential US networks such as Verizon and T-Mobile networks could prove problematic for streaming purposes – while its price may also turn some off.

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