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EE Essential Plan – EE is pleased to offer Essentials, All Rounder and Full Works pay monthly mobile plans designed to cater for customers on various budgets. Most include Smart Benefits as well as access to their Wi-Fi Coverage Boost (free WiFi across over 150,000 UK hotspots provided by both BT and EE), Multi Line Discount and the offer of Smart Benefits.

Unlimited calls

EE Essential plans provide unlimited calls, which means you can call any country at no additional cost. This feature is especially convenient if travelling overseas and you want to keep in touch with family back home.

EE also provides an app-free Wi-Fi calling service, enabling customers to make and take calls when there is no signal available with compatible handsets include Apple, Samsung and Sony models.

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Unlimited texts on EE Essential Plan

EE is your one-stop-shop for great phone deals at great value. Their Essential Plan gives you access to unlimited texts and various data allowance options.

The Smart Plan offers you flexibility, giving you the chance to add on freebies such as video data pass, Go Binge and Roam Further as extra perks. They may be worth investigating further!

EE offers some fantastic SIM only phone contracts at great rates, from affordable models to those packed with features. And their new 5G network makes for an amazing mobile experience!

Unlimited data on EE Essential Plan

EE has lagged behind rival networks Three and Vodafone when it comes to offering unlimited data plans, but now it has joined in on this trend by providing customers with unlimited downloads on its EE Essential Plan, which provides 100Mbps speeds.

Reserve Data allows you to stay connected when your allowance has run out; using it at this reduced rate means that you can still check email, send messages and obtain directions.

EE has also introduced WiFi Coverage Boost, which will enable users to connect to over 150,000 BT Wi-Fi hotspots across the UK without incurring extra data charges. This feature makes working remotely much simpler if high speed data access costs more.

Free access to Apple Music

Apple Music is one of the world’s premier streaming services, and EE is offering it for free to new and existing pay monthly and SIM only customers alike. This gives newcomers and established members alike an opportunity to experience it first-hand and you can listen to music anywhere you are around the globe using either your phone or tablet device!

EE is also offering an attractive deal with their Full Works plan, where subscribers will gain free access to Apple Music and BT Sport for six months before making a commitment, providing an opportunity to test both services before making your choice and upgrading if desired.

Free access to Apple TV Plus

Apple TV Plus is an incredible streaming service offering hundreds of original shows and movies such as Ted Lasso, Severance, and The Morning Show, to enjoy on any device at anytime.

As an EE customer in the UK, you can gain free access to Apple TV Plus with an Essential plan. These SIM-Only plans feature 5G data for easier streaming experience as well as being SIM compatible so no new phone is necessary for registration.

Apple TV Plus subscription is easiest to gain access through a free trial subscription; simply sign up using either credit or debit card before the trial ends to secure it.

Free access to Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade is a subscription service offering access to an expansive library of games for download and playback at no additional cost with your subscription, all completely ad-free.

Apple Arcade provides an curated selection of games across family, sports, puzzle, RPG and RTS genres on iOS and macOS. Some exclusive titles have been made available through this service while others have been remastered or upgraded for optimal playback.

Are you curious to give Apple Arcade a try for the first time? To make your experience easy and affordable, EE offers four month subscriptions to its Essentials, All Rounder and Full Works plans which is perfect if this offer interests you!

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