Total Worldwide Mobile Phone Coverage Using LEO?

Total Worldwide Mobile Phone Coverage Using LEO? – it would be really useful to have total UK mobile phone coverage, never mind worldwide coverage!

I bet you have been somewhere in the UK where there is just no coverage at all, dispite all the claims of the main UK Networks, especially EE!

This might all be about to change in the near future, although it is still a bit of a rumour to be honest.

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Low Earth Satelites – LEO

There was a band in the 1970’s called ELO, but there is no connection!

A new report claims that Apple may very well be launching a revolutionary feature in iphone 13 that will allow users to make phone calls and send and receive text messages even when there is no phone signal.

Apple is planning to use Globalstar’s Low Earth Satelites (LEO) along with Apple’s modem maker, Qualcomm, to develop the necessary technologies to allow a mobile device to communicate properly with LEO satellites.

These satelites only need about an hour or two to complete a full rotation or orbit around our planet, compared to traditional geostationary satellites that take 24 hours to orbit earth. If you have enough of these floating around, then it would be possible to have the whole earth with 100% phone coverage. Nice!

The Manchester Evening News have an article regarding expected release dates and specifications, etc.

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