Refused a Mobile Phone Contract?

refused a mobile phone contract

What to do when you are refused a mobile phone contract! Have you been refused a new mobile phone contract? If yes, then you need to take a few steps before applying again for mobile phones bad credit.

Before you take any action, you need to consider the differences in approaches. Did you approach a telecom company or a dealer and apply for a contract phone or were you offered a mobile phone contract by the company, either via email or over the phone?

This will determine how you should approach the whole matter. In some cases, telemarketers offering mobile phone contracts don’t really know if you would be eligible, but randomly present the offers and then whether you are aware of the criteria to qualify or not, your application may be processed.

You may not be too concerned if you were not the one to initiate the whole process, but a recipient of an offer. Such deals always have varying criteria and it is not necessarily your fault.

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You need to know if there was anything in your application within your control that lead you to being refused a mobile contract. For instance, you may be refused a mobile phone contract if you have not been a resident at a given address for two years or more.

You may have been switching residences in the past where your last address wasn’t your home for two years or more either. Such factors also affect eligibility. From no credit history if you are a student to bad credit, incorrect banking details like sort code to lack of acceptable identification document or one that cannot be verified, there are many issues that can stand in your way of getting a phone contract.

Refused a Mobile Phone Contract Companies

Call up the network or dealer when you are refused a mobile phone contract, ask them directly why you have been denied the contract and they will give you a reason. In some cases, there may not be a reason as the network or dealer might not want to give away a policy that might put their reputation in jeopardy.

For instance, some networks don’t have blanket coverage or as good a coverage everywhere as in downtown areas or metros. You may not be told of such blind spots but your application may be rejected if you live in one such area or nearby.

Should you be rejected for bad credit, you will be told as most dealers or networks will ask for a deposit and if you can make that upfront payment or agree to do it, then you will not be refused the mobile phone contract.

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When you are asking why you can’t get a mobile phone contract because of bad credit, then please read on further to get assistance.

There are times when people are denied contract phone deals and these are normally for a number of legal reasons, like inadequate credit score, based on credit history, age of the customer (only 18 year olds and above can hold contracts) and the like.

In case that you have been denied a contract based on your credit, you’re entitled to know the exact information on the foundation of which you’ve been refused.

You can then assess the criteria for the telephone contract and the manner in which you remain entitled to obtain a particular kind of contract with particular call rates or collaborate and you were hoping to get your credit information using the same to understand the reasons on which you’re rejected.

Of getting contracts without a credit history, your chances are extremely lean and thus this is a possible choice. You may also ask a relative to give a guarantee on the telephone on your own behalf. You need to definitely get all of the info about the deal, when rejected a telephone contract.

Understanding what’s wrong with the previously provided advice which will help to ensure that you implement right the next time, revealing the organisation your credit history is not unworthy of a deal using a contract telephone or when establishing which you are entitled to your phone contract.

Refused Credit For Mobile Phone Contract? Have you struggled to get a phone contract previously? Perhaps you have called into your nearest mobile phone shop and picked out the phone handset that you want and also the contract package that suits your lifestyle.

However, when you start to fill in the application forms for the new monthly contract and the assistant sends off your details for approval, they come back to you with a big fat NO! It is really embarrassing when this happens, especially if there are other people in the shop too.

Perhaps you then tried applying online for a new contract phone, but again you have got rejected there too. Where you you turn to and where do you go next to try, as you do not want to be turned down again, as all the credit searches will start to show on your credit history file and it will not look good for you. We can help you.

Many of the deals we advertise are contracts offering a free mobile phone on a contract so in case you have poor credit you not need to worry about needing to put a large deposit down to get a mobile phone.

Refused Credit For Mobile Phone Contract Operators

Each mobile operator may have their very own specific application standards with many demanding a credit check (of varying difficulty). So if you are applying for expensive contracts with top of the range free phones bundled into the deal, then the program criteria will be greater than they would if you applied for a more modest phone on a more economical contract.

So, no credit check phone contracts may be hard to find for the very top smartphones on the market, although it does really depend who you apply with and how you apply. There are firms that do specialise in phone contracts for poor credit which do offer no credit check mobile phones that are bonded contracts.

In case you have poor credit and want to apply for one of the best value deals, take a peek through our website, which provides details on how you can maximise your chances of getting your mobile contract application accepted and you too could get a phone contract with bad credit.

If you are refused credit for mobile phone contract, do not keep applying to the main retail outlets of the service providers, as this can affect your credit file and credit score and make things worse.

It’s better to apply here for niche market companies that can give you that doorway you need into the mainstream mobile phone companies.

You need to fill out the application forms in full with all the good and bad information, as these phone suppliers understand that there are now a growing population that do not have perfect credit. Click on the banner above to get your new mobile phone application started today!

Know the exact reasons why you have been refused a mobile phone contract! It is in our nature to presume. We develop a tendency of presuming everything when some of our earlier presumptions have been proven to be accurate.

Not only is it unwise to presume everything, but it actually impairs our ability to take the right steps subsequently and that can have very undesirable fall-outs. When you are refused a mobile phone contract, you will be a tad sad but don’t presume the reason.

Been Refused A Phone Contract?

Many people don’t get affected at all. They simply move from one network to another until they find a good deal and a company that offers them the contract.

You may take such a course or you may delve into the reasons of rejection so you can take corrective steps. Reacting specifically is the key here.

Without unearthing the reasons, you may get rejected by all networks or dealers and you may continue to perceive a certain reason to be the cause. To get you started in the right path of assessing why you are refused mobile phone contract, here are some reasons you can expect to hear.

Bad credit is a common cause. Many companies will tell you honestly if your credit score is not good enough for their deals and you may be asked to pay a deposit. In some cases, companies will not tell you this.

Now, don’t presume that you have been rejected on the grounds of bad credit because there are other causes. You may get a bit defensive if you presume your credit to be bad for a deal. Let the company tell you precisely and then know for sure. Your entire profile matters at the time of approval.

While bad credit is likely to be the reason why you are refused a mobile phone contract, it can also be for otherwise simpler issues like poorly filled out application form, a glitch in your proof of identification, wrong banking details, how long you have been living at your present address and if you have to provide any earlier addresses to the network or dealer.

These issues are often not spoken about and a company may or may not get back to you with the exact cause. Hence, you must call up the company and check so you can get to know the exact reason.

From ensuring you have an active bank account to providing additional proofs of identification if necessary, you may have to react to a refused mobile phone contract in different ways.

Refused Phone Contracts – practical way of coping with a Refused Mobile Contract and credit rating. Some individuals are really disappointed when they’re rejected for a phone contract due to their credit rating.

Not everyone has an excellent credit history or credit score.

If these companies were to reject all customers because of poor credit score, then almost half of society would be without a mobile phone contract in this case. But that isn’t the situation.

Been Refused Phone Contracts?

You must find out the exact reason you have been refused a cellphone contract. It could be the lack of a credit history.

Pupils and young adults often do not have any credit history. Immigrants might not yet have a credit history at all in the country they are living in. Some individuals might have an otherwise honest credit rating but it may not be adequate for the particular contract that one chooses for.

The cell phone one chooses, the plan one picks for along with other private details that are several ascertain the qualification in addition to credit rating. You have to cope with the rejection in a pragmatic way rather than drawing common judgements and being disappointed.

While you can get around the refusal and get a contract phone, you should keep in mind the necessity to repair your credit history. Not mending a bad credit is an unwise way to deal with the financial profile of one. Refused Phone Contracts? Get accepted here!

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