The Easiest Phone Company to Get Approved For UK

easiest phone company to get approved for uk

The Easiest Phone Company to Get Approved For UK – when applying for a phone contract in the UK, sometimes undergoing a credit check may be necessary. This is usually required on Pay Monthly plans with handsets attached; however it can also apply to SIM-only plans.

Most networks utilize one or more credit reference agencies (CRAs) when checking your details, so here you can discover which CRAs your mobile network uses to verify them.


EE, the UK’s biggest mobile network, provides impressive speeds and coverage with free BT Sport and Apple Music subscriptions for customers. RootMetrics consistently ranks it as the best network in the country while 5G service has become available in more towns and cities nationwide.

However, as a high-end network, EE may be more expensive than its rivals – making its monthly plans less affordable for some users. But its pay monthly plans still offer many features and allowances – like video data passes that enable you to watch content such as Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, BT Sport and MTV Play without eating into your data allowance and tethering which allows your phone to act as a Wi-fi hotspot; discounts on second SIMs for certain plans; family plans offer even further savings!

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In January 2015, BT announced it was to acquire EE in a deal worth around PS12.5 billion ($19 billion). Once completed, EE would join BT’s consumer division and the two companies would begin merging their services for “first-of-its-kind converged offerings for UK mobile and broadband”.

This merger is still subject to approval by the Competition and Markets Authority and, should it go through, will represent one of the biggest deals in UK telecoms history, uniting two key players in mobile and fixed line markets and giving BT ownership over its most extensive 4G network and customer base, along with fast-growing fixed line business.

EE is currently the only network offering smart number technology, enabling users to keep the same phone number across devices such as tablets and wearables – including when your smartphone isn’t nearby. This service is included on all Smart and Essential pay monthly handset plans as well as SIM-only plans; currently available only in the UK and Ireland but expected to expand shortly.


O2 is one of the UK’s premier mobile phone network providers, offering smartphones and price plans tailored to individual customer needs. O2 uses its internal credit criteria to decide who qualifies for contracts – to pass, customers must be aged 18+ with UK credit history; furthermore, mobile networks conduct credit checks to confirm identity and assess financial standing – many use credit reference agencies such as Equifax while Three and Vodafone use TransUnion.

Before applying, it is crucial that you familiarise yourself with each network’s criteria before applying. A phone contract is considered credit, so providers often conduct credit checks when reviewing applications – this allows them to assess your financial profile and make an informed decision whether or not to offer one.

EE, O2, Three and Vodafone are four major UK mobile networks which all conduct credit checks when customers sign up for contracts. This is required of them by the FCA so they can demonstrate they’re acting responsibly as lenders (like banks). Uswitch mobile expert Rehan Ali believes failing a credit check may be due to various reasons including bad credit history or inability to show affordability.

Consumer Focus recently conducted a poll and awarded O2 with top billing for customer service in the UK, boasting a customer satisfaction score of 92% – sharing first place alongside EE and Vodafone. O2 made significant strides towards improving customer service with a 30% improvement on its 2021 score, and is one of the few networks offering mobile Wi-Fi so customers can stay online while out and about without incurring extra data charges.

O2 offers a large network of retail stores throughout the UK where you can purchase a new smartphone or tablet – these outlets may even help those who were denied contracts from major mobile networks due to individual circumstances. Provide advice on which phone best meets your needs, find deals within your budget, and assist in setting up the device – particularly useful if you have poor credit and are having difficulty securing a mobile phone contract.

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